Let’s make a pact. Let’s take the next 60 to 90 days to shape up our minds. Your body isn’t the only thing that you should focus on this Summer. You can use the season to work …out…your mind as well.

WELCOME to Drivetime Marketing.

You might know that we’ve embarked on a new direction for our company. We’re not going to stop creating some great marketing. What we ARE doing is focusing on one of our core values: educating and creating great marketers.

So, it is no surprise that we are continually looking for ways to share knowledge and skills. Training and development trends for marketers are at their most exciting point. Cultivating your marketing skill set should hold a permanent position on your list of to-dos.

If you’re like me, you’ve got a few days planned to enjoy some fun and sun. However, rather than focus on how I’ll fit into my new bathing suit, I want to talk about getting my mind in shape.

So, what can you tackle in one season? A lot!

Moreover, how can you fit it into an already full schedule? Like most fitness plans…well, with a plan.

First, you need to set a baseline.

Ask your manager what areas you should be concentrating on. Look around at the jobs others are doing and ask yourself what skills you’re missing. Then decide which of those skills will get you the furthest to your career goals. You’ll undoubtedly have a list of things you want to tackle. For me, it’s getting better at Google Analytics, better at Facebook ads (which I can’t seem to fall in love with, but I will darn it!). I also want to learn how to be more proficient in recording and editing this podcast and …and…and. However, I know a list that long will never get done. So, I have to pick one to focus on first.

Next, some fitness plans will tell you to front-load your calories at breakfast.

I do the same when I’m learning. I try to schedule learning opportunities first thing in the morning when my mind is fresh and uncluttered, and BEFORE I check emails. I think this gives you a blank canvas for you to absorb so much more. I’m am NOT a morning person but I this has really worked for me. When do you learn best? Mornings? Afternoons? Nights?

Whatever works for you, you also have to make wise diet choices.

You heard me.  Much like diets that are all this or none of that, you need to have a balance that is right for you and the way you learn. A few weeks ago, we talked about various approaches. You may do better with a virtual classroom setting where you have access to the teacher and other students. You may be the ultra-responsible one and can stick to a self-paced program.

On the other hand, you may need a workshop or hands-on environment. The point is that there are lots of ways to learn almost every topic you can imagine, but not all of them are a perfect fit for all learners. Try a few different types and figure out which diet – I mean type – you can stick to and be successful.

Balance your workout.

Like exercise, no ONE thing will do the trick. I know. I’ve been doing situps all my life and no six pack! Fitness experts will tell you that you need to mix cardio with strength and a little mindfulness. When you’re trying to learn something new, be great at your job and your family, you have to learn how to balance them all and with each day, you add a little more to one thing or the other until you have the balance that is right for you.

My last tip is to take your first step and then the next and then the next.

Learning something new or improving a skill you thought you already had locked down can sometimes be more of a challenge than you felt when you started, but I promise you it’ll pay off in rewards to you. I’ve shared some of my favorites before and will include links at drivetimemarketingpodcast.com.

These are my tips for this week and my plan for the summer. I’ll be starting with SEO because that is something that impacts our business and our clients. If you’ve got an idea for learning a particular skill, I’d love to know what you’re working on.

Find us at drivetimemarketingpodcast.com or on our social channels. As always, let us know if you’ve got any topics you’d like to hear on the podcast. By the way, if you give us a great review, other marketers will be able to find us.

Until next week, keep marketing and learning.

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