The Perfect Marketing Solution for Your Growing Casino

Are you in the middle of a search that’s taking just a little longer than you hoped? Maybe you’re looking for guidance to lead and develop a maturing marketing team. Or, perhaps you need someone to lead marketing during a period of growth, transition, or acquisition.

You may think you need a full-time marketing executive, but the truth is you may not.

The rise of the “as a service” model is growing. If you can get the best software and tools on-demand, why not your marketing leadership. If you’ve ever wondered how to get top-level marketing to your smaller operation, a fractional CMO is made for you.

A fractional CMO arrangement is designed to drive meaningful results. The input can aid in team and talent assessment.

More importantly, we can hit the ground running because we’ve been in a variety of situations, large and small.

You get executive experience without the costs associated with a full-time resource.

We limit our engagements so we don’t shortcut our attention or services to you.

How do you know if you can use a fractional CMO?

Are you still trying to determine the right direction for your marketing?

Do you have a solid understanding of marketing tools and the ones you should be utilizing?

Do you have a marketing team, but no real, effective leadership?

Are you faltering in going from planning to execution?

Are you struggling to coordinate with your vendors or agencies?

If you answered yes or maybe, to any of these, you may want to have a conversation about a fractional CMO?

How much does this cost?

The current standard is about $200-$300 per hour but can be packaged properly for your needs and budget.

Ready to get started?

Contact us or schedule a call.

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