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Getting Advertising That Works – DTM 2019 episode 3

What does it take to get great advertising that works? The formula is really simple. Clear direction from a client and great creative from the agency. But, getting there is a little trickier than you would think.

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Brand Engagement – DTM 2019 episode 2

Developing and breathing life into a brand requires passion. Keeping that brand alive requires love. Much like two people promise to love each other for a lifetime, you hope customers and guests will do the same with your brand.

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Marketing Resolutions – DTM 2019, episode 1

Just a few short days ago, we rang in a new year. The next morning, we all made our yearly intentions that – we hope – will shape the rest of the year. This is also the time when we can make some resolutions that improve businesses and bring success.

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The Reboot

I know it’s been a while, but we are finally rebooting Drivetime Marketing in 2019. We’ll be bringing you the tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. Hopefully, they’ll make some sense, and you’ll be able to put them to some good use.

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Episode 12 – Marketing Cannabis

Imagine the marijuana consumer. Now imagine marketing cannabis. Take all of those ideas and throw them out with the rest of your dated wardrobe and ideas. Legal cannabis sales are now the norm rather than the exception. As markets grow and entrepreneurs and startups enter the arena, those who know the ins and outs of […]

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Episode 11 – From New Kid To Publicist

Brandon Cox is a publicist with an eye for innovation and a passion for emerging ways to communicate. Because he moved around a lot as a child, he was always the “new kid on the block,” but he turned that disadvantage into a lifelong lesson. When you’re trying to build an emotional connection with consumers, […]

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Episode 10 – Conversations, Stories and 70’s Album Covers

You can design or improve your graphics on your own or you can bring in a pro. The easy access to tools and software have created a world of DIYers in both home renovations and creative arts. How do you remain relevant if you’re a graphic designer? For him the design tells the story as […]

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Episode 9 – Marketing is a Marathon

Danny Bourgeois approaches marketing marathons like most endurance sports. It takes training, listening and adjusting to go the distance. Like the races he manages, Danny Bourgeois knows that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Today, we talk to him about the growth of endurance sports and the expansion of the appeal and marketing of […]

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Episode 8 – Hunting, Farming and Tradeshow Ideas

Ken Kachnic is making his marketing investments pay off with great tradeshow ideas and marketing. He doesn’t wait for customers to come to him. He is actively marketing at all phases of the planning process. He’s also leading the way as VizExplorer shifts from “hunting to farming”. Hear what that means for the company and […]

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Episode 7: Landmarks, Trends and Karaoke

Jerry Epstein is a man who has seen the world of marketing shift in unprecedented ways. Now leading the way with new technology, Engaged Nation is poised to change an industry. Jerry shares stories of introducing soccer to US audiences, talking his business partner into the notion of engagement, and converting online interest into brick […]

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