If your holiday gift list looks anything like mine, there are still gifts left to buy on your list. If you are anything like me, you have probably said to yourself, “Hmm, I’d like that,” more than once. Truth be told, I am a terrible person to shop for. I tend to buy what I want and leave my loved ones struggling for ideas.

Suppose you have a marketer in your personal or professional life. In that case, they are likely more concerned with making sure others have everything they need (to do a good job, to finish a project) than they are focused on themselves. Yes, I know some of us may be too focused on ourselves.

However, if you are still trying to shop for a marketer, I have a few gift ideas that might make their day. We’ve published a version of this list before. This year, I’ve updated it with some of the tools I’ve found helpful in creating content for our business and our clients.

Gift Idea #1: Ring Light

Today’s marketer (and likely any person who ever has to participate in a video call) needs a ring light. Whether it be a small clip-on that can slip into any bag or on a tripod for going live in an instant, a ring light is a must. One of the best purchases I made was an expandable tripod with a phone holder. I use it daily for video calls and easily convert it for creating social videos.

While the primary purpose of ring lights is to soften shadows, their ability to diffuse light makes them great for detailed photography.

Gift Idea #2: Canva

We started using Canva a few years ago, paying for images one at a time, but we quickly saw the value of upgrading to the Pro subscription and adding team members. The Pro subscription gives you more tools, including premium photos, videos, and audio tracks (which, fun fact, creates a video file that will get more impressions for your posts). The library of templates is incredible. More importantly, they are easily modified to reflect your brand. And if you struggle to create PowerPoint presentations that are graphically engaging, you should check out what they have ready and waiting for your use! Best of all, they are constantly adding to the library. We use Canva daily for various projects, utilizing their library of assets and our own. By the way, if you know a small business owner who is struggling with their own social media posts because they lack a graphic designer, this will be a life-saver.

Gift Idea #3: Books

Whether fiction or business, books are a great gift. We’ve assembled a collection of some of our favorite business books that would make practically any marketer happy.

Ahem…did I mention Reel Marketing?

Gift Idea #4: Bullet Journal

I am a crazy note-taker. So when Gini Dietrich shared how a bullet journal became her obsession, I had to try it. Four years later, I can’t think of what I would do without it.

Sure, you can buy an official bullet journal. I experimented with a cheaper version I found on Amazon (duh), and it has more than served its purpose. I can set goals for the year that are easily seen (so I don’t lose my way), and I’ve developed my way of setting up my calendar and keeping track of everything necessary to make my days constructive and productive.

I have spreads for a reading list and a running content calendar. I also add pages for clients and projects to quickly record notes from meetings and calls. For fun, I save a few pages for doodling and hand lettering.

If the thought of a book of blank pages seems daunting, take a peek at how many journal ideas you can find on Pinterest.

Gift Idea #5: Grammarly

As a marketer, we are constantly writing. Whether through presentations, ad copy, a memo, or a report, how we communicate in writing (even in the shortest email) says a lot about us as professionals. Grammarly instantly finds and corrects mistakes, suggests improvements, and for bloggers, it can even check for plagiarism. It can also check for intent. And, yes, I ran this through Grammarly before posting.

I used to use Grammarly (at minimum) weekly for my columns and blog posts, but their updated integration lets me use this great tool with almost everything I write.

Gift Idea #6: Conference Attendance

If all keeps going well, we WILL be back to conferences in 2022. 2021 brought a mix of virtual and in-person. A few virtual conferences still delivered engaging and valuable content, and you should undoubtedly consider attendance (in person if you can).

Whether in person or virtual, Brand ManageCamp continues to be my not-to-be-missed event. The speakers are all keynote-level. There is inspiring music playing between the sessions and even thoughtful snack breaks. The last two years have been understandably different. Yet Len Herstein and his team maintained the value (and even produced a great book that you should add to your reading list.

Conferences will continue to be the best way for marketers to grow, and they should be a part of any marketer’s 2022 schedule.

Gift Idea #7: Learning

As marketers, we are always learning. Changes in markets, consumer habits, and tastes require a robust set of core skills and an expansive view of current marketing needs.

There are several ways to stay on top of trends and skill development. I do have some favorites.

MarketingProfs is a collection of tools no marketer should be without. It is an excellent investment from articles to courses to guides and resources.

And, lucky for us, they are not alone in the world of marketing training resources. Years ago, we listed Coursera as an excellent resource for training for the modern marketer.  Courses from respected institutions are presented in a textbook-like environment and feature videos, projects, and quizzes. The course work runs the gamut of arts & humanities, social sciences, and data science (a skill every marketer needs).

Also, check out Skillshare and our friends at Shank Marketing.

Gift Idea #8: Something a little fun

Masterclass has courses taught by the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Misty Copeland, Anna Wintour, and Gordon Ramsay. How much fun is that? And, right now, you can nab a membership for your favorite marketer and yourself. Score!

Do you know someone who is a “book person” but still has to rely on modern technology? Consider giving them a book cover for their device. How awesome is that? Twelve South has them for practically any device in addition to some other cool ideas for your techie.

Finally, if you have someone on your list who lives and breathes social media, they will love sporting their account name on this personalized necklace.

Got any other ideas for gifts for marketers?


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