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October Book of the Month:

Marketing In The Round

It’s hard to believe, but there are still marketers working in silos – going about their work with no input and no insights from the other members of their teams. Co-authored by one of our favorite people, Gini Dietrich, Marketing In The Round, shows you how to tear down those silos and drive more value from all your marketing and communications channels–together. Sync all your efforts and messages and optimize every medium and platform, from direct mail to digital and social to traditional media.

This book is a must-read for every marketer and communicator.

September Book of the Month:

What Great Brands Do

What Great Brands Do - Marketing Book ClubDenise Lee Yohn is one of our favorite brand marketers. Her book What Great Brands Do teaches an innovative brand-as-business strategy that enhances brand identity while boosting profit margins, improving company culture, and creating stronger stakeholder relationships.

Sharing proven techniques from top brands, Denise reveals how:

  •  Great brands start inside
  • Great brands avoid selling products
  • Great brands ignore trends
  • Great brands don’t chase customers
  • Great brands sweat the small stuff
  • Great brands commit and stay committed
  • Great brands never have to “give back”