Franklin_Logo-drivetime-marketing-podcastToday we welcome two more Louisiana friends, Craig Chumney and Matt Holiday. Craig is a data and direct mail innovator, motivated by bringing ever-evolving solutions to businesses of all sizes. He founded and successfully transformed his data transfer business, DigiTrans, into a pioneering data-driven direct mail company, later merging with Franklin Press to create the ultimate data-empowered direct mail organization. Matt was raised with ink in his blood, spending high school summers and his college years – including the era of the DigiTrans merger – working at Franklin Press. After post-college stint honing his technical and project management skills in the Houston energy industry, he returned to Franklin in 2009, and now leads the custom development and marketing efforts.

What’s the first thing you do when you move? That’s right! You file a change of address. In this episode, we talk about why successful marketers aren’t ready to turn their backs on “old-fashioned” marketing. Plus Matt tells us about a study that shows Millennials haven’t turned their backs on mail either.

About Franklin | Data Empowered Direct Marketing: A Main Street address, a modest shop, a printing press, and a logo that soldered their resolve to Benjamin Franklin. That’s how E.J. and Inez Land launched Franklin in 1922, patterning their business on the ingenuity and integrity of a great American patriot. Although the majority of their revenue comes from putting ink on paper, Franklin no longer considers itself a printing company but more a data company that prints.  Franklin evolved into the leading provider of Data Empowered Direct Marketing through the concerted efforts of their founders, managers and dedicated staff over many decades. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn and read their blog for great and up-to-date insights on direct marketing.

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