Most of us have some sort of weakness, but training can make us better…stronger. A training program that allows your employees to be inspired will lead to higher engagement and retention. There are a number of ways you can develop training for your team. Here are five of my favorite marketing training tips that are easy to implement.

Marketing Training Tip #1: Share

marketing training tip inspiration

Share Your Inspiration. Save three links that make you wonder or show you ways to improve your marketing. There is a chance your team is not being exposed to the same ideas, how to’s and materials. Keep it light – something they can read quickly. You can even create your own newsletter and brand. Make it fun. Make it you.

These are the newsletters I always flag and share (even if I don’t get to my email until late at night).

  • HubSpot’s Marketing Blog: I learn something each and every day thanks to this newsletter. Whether it’s SEO, social or analytics, the blog gives you a good look at each topic in a very quick read.
  • MarketingProfs sends me practical insights each day. Divided into five to seven categories, they are very quick reads and when I have a little more time, I can get even more from their long form content. You might just be inspired to spring for the membership. It is really worth it.
  • Spin Sucks – Don’t think of it as PR. Think of it as all you need to know to be the best communicator. After all, marketing is all about communication. By the way, the Spin Sucks community recently chimed in with their favorite newsletters, too.
  • Convince & Convert – I’ve long admired Jay Baer from afar. He doesn’t know this, but he guided me as I entered the world of social media, and now he and his team show me every day how to think about achieving actual business goals through digital channels.

Marketing Training Tip #2: Blockbuster Marketing

marketing training tip at the moviesSome of the best marketing and business lessons are found in dark places. I mean the movie theater! Have a little fun at the movies. Take a field trip to the movies and then have a post-movie discussion. If you’re struggling in your market or are trying to figure out how to do more with less, I highly recommend Moneyball.

Some of my favorite lessons are found on YouTube.

  • American Gangster. In the middle of this emotionally charged film, you get a lesson in the importance of brands.
  • Bonnie & Clyde has a great quote “We rob banks.” THAT is focus. You can’t be everything to everyone. The lesson here is to focus on your strategy…and be proud of what you do (which brings to mind an entirely different career lesson).
  • Caddyshack’s Carl Spackler shows how the best marketing tells a story that captures the attention. “Cinderella story…Outta nowhere…A former groundskeeper…now…about to become the Masters champion.”
  • And, who could forget that famous deli scene in When Harry Met Sally? “I’ll have what she’s having.” The lesson? Just because something looks (or sounds) one way, doesn’t mean you automatically understand the value. You have to investigate some things.

Pop some popcorn and go to the movies (or stream something).

Marketing Training Tip #3: Virtual Learning

marketing training tip virtual learningThere are many free online training and certifications that will expand your team’s skills at their own pace.

I mentioned some favorites in a previous post, Tools for the Modern Marketer, but have some marked for specific days and times on my calendar

  • Hubspot Academy offers a variety of FREE certification, documentation and training courses. Each course is broken down into easily consumed modules that can be tackled at any time.
  • Google knows its analytics platform is great deal to understand. So, they offer an Analytics Academy to guide you from beginner to advanced, and of course, they are web-based short modules that can be reviewed according to your schedule.
  • Moz has a great Beginners Guide to SEO that covers topic from how search engines operate to recommended KPIs. The guide’s sections can also be used as great references if you’re trying to prove why you need to allocate resources to SEO.
  • MarketingProfs is a great resource for honing your marketing skills. From 10-minute quick takes on specific topics to a host of interactive tool kits.

Marketing certifications and online courses allow your team to learn at their own pace, but check in periodically to ensure no one is left behind or drowning.

Marketing Training Tip #4: Got Books?

marketing training tip lending librarySet up a small lending library and stock it with some of the books you’ve worked through. And if you have highlighted or made comments in the margin, your staff will love them even more. I took at my library when I was coming up with a list and I realize I’ve read some REALLY good books.

Some of my favorites right now are

  • Talk Triggers – now available for presale, Talk Triggers is sure to be a must read for everyone in your company who values the word of mouth only a loyal true fan can provide.
  • Eating the Big Fish because let’s face it, not all of us get to be number one everywhere.
  • Marketing in the Round was the book that made me realize Gini Deitrich was in my head.
  • What Great Brands Do uncovers how adopting a “brand as a business” strategy can lead to profitability.

Marketing Training Tip #5: Hit The Road

marketing training tip conferences

A road trip with my marketing team has always been one of my most favorite outings. Whether we were pulling weeds to help a local charity or betting on who would be the last one at breakfast, we had a lot of fun…and we learned along the way…together. Taking your team off-site to an energizing conference can introduce them to other marketers and thought leaders in the field, both in and out of your industry.

Amazingly, three of my top picks are all in September.

  • Brand ManageCamp is a 360 degree look at brand and is always an inspiration to both me and members of my team, year after year.
  • Content Marketing World will give you the tools you can take back to the office and implement.
  • If you are in the B2B space and you’re still working from call lists, stop right now and get yourself over to Inbound.
  • B2B Marketing Forum is a gathering of B2B leaders sharing their secrets to success.

Take lots of notes, tweet during the events so that everyone will be jealous of you, but more importantly take the opportunity to bond over a new idea (or two) with your team.

Whatever you choose to do to enrich your team will pay back tenfold.

Marketing Training Tips
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Five favorite marketing training tips that are easy to implement and will inspire your employees and improve retention and performance.
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