Building upon our popular blog post that detailed ten effective casino marketing strategies like database marketing, reactivating dormant customers, personalized contact with high-value customers, providing enticing chances to win, SEO, curating unique experiences, and operationalizing the brand, we venture further into the evolving landscape of casino marketing. Although our original collection is still valuable, here are ten fresh strategies that align with contemporary consumer behaviors and technology trends, empowering casinos to bolster their customer engagement and, ultimately, their revenue.

Utilizing Social Platforms Strategically

Today’s digital landscape offers a multitude of social media platforms, each with unique benefits and audience demographics. Strategically utilizing these platforms allows casinos to reach potential customers, create interactive experiences, and ultimately find their way into the leisure schedule of their audience.
Facebook: With its vast and diverse user base, Facebook remains an essential platform for posting updates on new games, events, and promotions. Its event management feature is particularly useful for casinos, allowing customers to RSVP to casino events and share them with friends. Engaging content can include live video feeds of jackpot wins, behind-the-scenes tours, or Q&A sessions with casino staff.
Instagram: This visually-driven platform is perfect for showcasing the vibrant environment of your casino. High-quality images of your property, feature games, big wins, and events can all entice potential visitors. Instagram stories offer a temporary glimpse into the casino’s activities and promotions, encouraging followers to check back regularly to avoid missing out.
Twitter: This platform is excellent for real-time updates and engagement. Casinos can tweet about current jackpots, winning streaks, or upcoming events. Engage users by hosting Twitter polls about favorite games or anticipated events, fostering an interactive community.
TikTok: This fast-growing platform is ideal for reaching younger audiences, finally making their way to our doors. Casinos can use TikTok to share quick, fun videos showcasing games, big wins, or tutorials. Challenges or viral trends can also be leveraged to engage with followers entertainingly and casually. Additionally, the platform is ideal for attracting potential team members by showcasing your brand and culture.
Pinterest: This platform can be utilized to share infographics or guides about games, creating a valuable resource for players. Pinboards can be themed around casino decor, game strategies, or upcoming event themes.
LinkedIn: Often overlooked as a consumer marketing channel, LinkedIn provides a platform for networking and professional discussions. Share news about business developments, job opportunities, industry trends, or profiles of casino staff to engage a more professional or career-minded audience.
social influencer marketingIn all platforms, user-generated content can provide an authentic boost. Share posts from customers enjoying their time at your casino or celebrating wins, fostering a sense of community and excitement. User-generated content engages your existing followers and can extend your reach to their followers.
A strategic approach to social media allows your casino to be a part of the customer’s leisure planning process. By offering relevant, engaging content, you become more than a casino; you become a source of entertainment, excitement, and community. Consistently monitor your analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience. Be prepared to adapt your strategy to align with evolving trends and preferences.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have become a crucial marketing tool, providing access to diverse and engaged audiences. Collaborating with influencers through sponsored content or live event appearances can introduce your casino brand to new audiences. Ensure your chosen influencers align with your brand image and ethos for a successful partnership.
The Winning Influencer Marketing webinar series, created by Casino Marketing Boot Camp, provided a deep dive into the world of influencer marketing. Continuing that exploration, let’s spotlight a few influencers successfully working with various casinos nationwide and leveraging their platforms to introduce new casinos, slots, and table games to their followers.
Brian Christopher: Known for his entertaining YouTube videos, Christopher takes his followers along as he plays different slot games, sharing his excitement and strategies. He frequently collaborates with casinos for live play videos, attracting his vast fan base to new venues.
Slotaholic: This YouTuber captivates viewers with his high-energy slot machine gameplay videos. He regularly showcases new games and introduces his audience to fresh gaming experiences and different casinos.
The Slot Cats: This duo offers a fun, friendly take on slot play. Their interactive, jovial videos of slot machine gameplay and reviews help foster a tight-knit community of followers keen on exploring the casinos and games The Slot Cats recommend.
Slotlady: Sarah Ellen shares her casino adventures on YouTube, offering slot machine live plays, big wins, and casino tours. Her personality and engaging content have amassed a loyal following, eager to join her on her casino journey.
Lady Luck HQ: Known for her high-limit slot gameplay videos, Lady Luck HQ brings viewers along on her thrilling casino adventures. Her regular collaborations with casinos give her audience an insider’s view of new venues and games.
Kelly Koffler: A former schoolteacher with a master’s degree in education, uses a conversational approach to spotlighting table games and slot play.
NG Slot: NG Slot offers slot play videos, sharing his casino experiences with enthusiastic followers. His videos showcase new games and casinos, driving his followers to explore these new offerings.
To maximize the impact of an influencer’s partnership, consider creating unique events that leverage the influencer’s popularity. Meet-and-greets, group pulls, and slot tournaments with the influencer are excellent opportunities to generate excitement and attract crowds. For example, having the influencer set a score in a slot tournament for guests to beat can add an extra layer of competition and engagement.
By integrating trackable events into your influencer collaborations, you can measure the effectiveness of the partnership and gain valuable insights. As we discussed in our webinar series, carefully selecting influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and creating engaging, collaborative events can significantly enhance your influencer marketing strategy.

Mobile App

In today’s digital age, mobile applications have become integral to daily life. According to data from BuildFire, the average smartphone user spends 3 hours and 10 minutes each day using their device. About 2 hours and 51 minutes of this time are spent on apps. Apps account for roughly 90% of smartphone usage, with about 80+ apps installed on average.
A dedicated mobile app bridges the gap between physical and digital, offering games, booking services, and updates on promotions. Push notifications re-engage dormant users and keep regular users abreast of the latest offers, enhancing the overall customer experience.
A casino app can serve as a one-stop hub for everything a casino goer might need. Here are some features that could significantly enhance the user experience and drive engagement:
  • Real-time Information – Keep customers informed about ongoing promotions, upcoming events, available slots, and table games. Updates on jackpot status can also create a sense of urgency and excitement.
  • Mobile Games – A selection of popular casino games available on the app allows users to enjoy the thrill of the casino wherever they are.
  • Booking Services – Allow users to book hotel rooms, reserve seats at shows or restaurants, or even register for poker tournaments right on the app. This convenience will improve the user’s overall experience.
  • Loyalty Program Integration – Incorporate your casino’s loyalty program into the app. Allow users to check their point balances, redeem rewards, or see the progress towards their next tier status.
  • Personalized Offers – Utilize data from the app to provide customized game recommendations or targeted promotions. Personalization enhances user engagement and loyalty.
  • Location-Based Services – Use geolocation technology to send real-time, location-specific promotions and alerts, enticing nearby users to visit your casino.
  • Interactive Map – A detailed, interactive map of your casino can help users navigate the floor and find their favorite games or amenities.
  • Push Notifications – Keep your casino top-of-mind with regular push notifications about new games, promotions, or events. Personalize these notifications based on user behavior for maximum effectiveness.
  • Feedback Channel – Allow users to provide feedback directly through the app. This open channel can help you gather valuable insights, improve your services, and show customers that you value their opinions.
  • Payment Solutions – Incorporating a mobile wallet or digital payment solutions can simplify transactions, making spending easier for customers within the casino.
By integrating these features into your casino’s mobile app, you can offer your customers a convenient, engaging, and immersive experience, encouraging them to spend more time at your casino. With users spending an ever-increasing amount of time on mobile applications, a well-designed, feature-rich casino app can be a powerful marketing tool.


Adding elements of gamification to the casino experience keeps customers engaged and incentivized. Incorporate features like leaderboards, achievement-based bonuses, and progress tracking to keep customers playing and striving for the next win.
Gamification, applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts, is a powerful tool used across various industries to drive engagement. From enhancing user experiences in apps to driving customer loyalty in retail, gamification is a highly effective strategy for engagement and retention.
Jerry Epstein, CEO of Engaged Nation, says, “Gamification takes what’s tedious and makes it feel momentous. It taps into the desire for competition, achievement, and validation.”
Here are three potential ways gamification can be used in a casino context:
  1. Enhancing the Guest Experience – Leaderboards and achievements can add extra excitement to the casino experience. For instance, guests could earn badges for trying out new games or dining at on-site restaurants, motivating them to explore more of the casino’s amenities and services. These achievements could then be shared on social media, driving further engagement and exposure.
  2. Reactivating Dormant Customers – A points-based rewards system could encourage repeat visits and reactivate dormant customers. These points could be earned by visiting the casino, playing certain games, or participating in events, and redeemed for free plays, meals, or other rewards. The thrill of earning points and leveling up can re-ignite interest among dormant customers.
  3. Increasing Time on Device – Mini-games can extend a player’s time at a slot machine or gaming table. For instance, a bonus round could be triggered at random intervals, offering the chance to win extra rewards. These unpredictable, exciting elements can keep players engaged and invested for extended periods.
The world of gamification is rich with opportunities for creative engagement strategies. Integrating these elements into your casino can create a more immersive, interactive, and rewarding experience for your guests.

Strategic Advertising

Investing in advertising is crucial to strengthen your casino brand further and reach a wider audience. By strategically allocating your resources to BOTH traditional and digital advertising channels and creating accurate depictions of your brand in your advertising, you can maximize your brand’s visibility and drive increased engagement.

Advertising is a powerful tool that can be utilized to drive customer engagement and revenue. Traditional and digital advertising play essential roles in the overall marketing strategy, working to build brand awareness, nurture customer interest, and drive actions.
Strategic advertising goes beyond mere exposure. Your campaigns should consider timing, target demographics, and the most effective platforms for reaching your audience. Each advertisement should tell a story about your casino, its unique offerings, and how it provides an exceptional experience.
Traditional advertising, encompassing mediums such as print, television, radio, and billboards, excels at generating broad awareness. These platforms have a wide reach, capturing the attention of potential customers and building initial interest in the casino. With impactful creative, a traditional advertising campaign can pique curiosity, stimulate the desire to visit and create a strong brand image in the minds of potential guests.
On the other hand, digital advertising is highly effective at providing detailed information and prompting immediate action. Digital ads can include links to the casino’s website or app, allowing potential customers to explore games, book reservations, or even start playing online. They can also target users based on their online behavior or demographics, making them more relevant and effective. With the rise of programmatic advertising, businesses can even target ads at specific audiences in real time based on many data points.
However, the true power of advertising lies in the information in your casino database. The vast amount of customer data, from gaming preferences to visitation patterns, can be harnessed to create highly targeted and effective media plans. By using data to inform your ad strategy, you can ensure that your advertising dollars are being spent effectively, reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital in guiding and evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. KPIs should be set at the outset of any campaign, including impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend. You can make informed decisions about adjusting or modifying your advertising strategy to optimize results by continually monitoring these metrics.
Measurability is another significant advantage of a data-informed advertising approach. Traditional and digital advertising can be tracked and measured, providing valuable insights into which tactics are most effective. This information can then be used to refine future campaigns, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.
A balanced mix of traditional and digital advertising, informed by your casino’s unique customer data, can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. Strategic advertising can build awareness, drive interest, and ultimately bring potential customers through your front doors. As with any strategy, the key to success lies in setting clear KPIs, monitoring performance, and optimizing your approach based on data


Personalization of the Experience

Today’s customers crave personalized experiences. Harness customer data to provide customized game recommendations, targeted promotions, and tailored customer interactions. A personalized touch can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Personalization is more than just a buzzword in the era of technology and big data. It’s a critical differentiator that can elevate a guest’s casino experience from good to great. Personalization starts with direct marketing but extends into every aspect of the guest’s interaction with your casino.
In direct marketing, leveraging customer data can enable you to send targeted messages that resonate with individual guests. You can make each guest feel seen and valued by referencing past behaviors and preferences. This might involve sending personalized offers, tailoring game recommendations, or acknowledging special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
However, personalization continues beyond the marketing stage. It continues when a guest steps into your casino and throughout their visit. A vital aspect of this is greeting guests by name. This seemingly small touch can have a significant impact, making guests feel welcomed and valued.
But how can you know a guest’s name? Technology can be a big help here. If a guest is a member of your loyalty program, their name will likely pop up when they use their membership card at a game or when checking in. Train your staff to use these opportunities to greet guests by name.
In addition, please pay attention to the guest’s preferences throughout their visit. If a guest frequently plays a particular game, have your staff acknowledge this (“We’ve just updated our blackjack tables, would you like to check them out?”). If a guest often dines at your Italian restaurant, a personalized recommendation for a new dish or wine pairing can show them that you’re attentive and thoughtful.
Another tip is to personalize the guest’s physical surroundings. If you know a guest prefers a particular type of slot machine, consider having one available and ready when they arrive. If they celebrate a special occasion, a personalized greeting on the digital sign as they enter could add a surprising, memorable touch.
In conclusion, personalization is a powerful way to make a guest’s casino experience more enjoyable and memorable. By taking the time to understand each guest’s preferences and making them feel valued and recognized, you can set your casino apart from the competition. And remember, personalization is not just a one-time effort. It should be a continuous process, evolving with each interaction and visit.


Email and Text Messaging as Communication Channels

Leverage direct communication channels like email and text to keep your customers informed and engaged. From personalized updates and booking confirmation to exclusive deals, crafting engaging and relevant messages ensures your casino remains top-of-mind.
How we communicate and absorb information has drastically changed in this digital age. While traditional methods like monthly mailers still hold relevance for some customers, the preference for speed, convenience, and personalization offered by email and text messaging is growing in popularity among the casino-going crowd. Statista reports that in 2021, an estimated 319.6 billion emails were sent and received daily worldwide. This figure is projected to increase to 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025.
Likewise, the efficacy of text messages for business communication is on the rise. SMS boasts a staggering open rate of 98%, and according to a report by Gartner, SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates. Given this shift towards email and text messaging, casinos aiming to engage their customer base must adapt to these trends.
Beyond the statistics, it’s helpful to understand how these channels can be deployed strategically in real-world casino scenarios. Here are a few examples:
  • Facing a Revenue Shortfall: Suppose your casino is experiencing a monthly revenue shortfall. A targeted email or text message campaign offering personalized incentives—such as free play or dining credits—can encourage additional customer visits, helping boost revenue.
  • Low Hotel Occupancy: If your casino has an attached hotel and you’re seeing lower-than-expected occupancy, an exclusive offer sent to your database offering discounted room rates or packages for the hotel can drive bookings.
  • Bad Weather: On days with inclement weather when foot traffic is expected to be low, a timely message offering free hot drinks or an indoor promotion can lure in customers who are nearby and are okay with braving the weather. Alternatively, when severe weather is headed in your direction, providing information as quickly as possible is crucial.
  • Slow Days: Identify the slower days in your casino and launch a campaign offering special promotions or events on these days. These can be sent out a few days before to ensure customers have time to plan their visit.
In implementing these strategies, keeping some best practices in mind is crucial. These include audience segmentation, personalization of messages, relevance of the content, clear calls to action, and respect for opt-in and opt-out preferences.
Email and text messaging can serve as potent tools in your communication arsenal. They can drive customer engagement, improve customer relationships, and boost your casino’s bottom line when used strategically.


Geolocation technology allows you to deliver real-time, location-specific promotions and alerts. Attract potential customers in your vicinity, drawing them to your casino with personalized offers and experiences.
Geolocation technology provides a powerful tool for casinos to enhance their marketing efforts. By knowing the geographic location of your customers or potential customers, you can create highly targeted and personalized campaigns that significantly increase engagement and visits.
One essential application of geolocation is the ability to divert visits from competitors. Imagine a customer who frequents your competitor’s casino. Through geolocation, you can send targeted offers or promotions when they’re near the competitor’s location. This tactic could be enough to divert them to your casino instead.
Geolocation can also provide a compelling reason for a casino visit after attending another event. For example, suppose you know a customer is attending a concert or sports event nearby. In that case, you can send a message suggesting they round off their evening at your casino, perhaps with an attractive offer or promotion.
Moreover, geolocation plays a crucial role in refining digital advertising placements. By understanding the traffic patterns of your target audience, you can place ads on platforms they frequently visit during the times they are most active. For example, suppose data shows that a segment of your target audience often visits certain restaurants or attends particular events. In that case, you can strategically place your ads in these contexts.
Our Transformation of Casino Advertising webinar series discussed how casinos can use geolocation data to optimize their advertising strategies. For instance, if geolocation data indicates a high concentration of potential customers in a specific area, a casino might focus more on the advertising resources in that area. On the other hand, if data reveals that customers tend to ignore ads on certain platforms or at specific times, resources can be diverted elsewhere.
While the benefits of geolocation are substantial, always respect privacy laws and regulations. Always ensure customers have opted into sharing their location data and know how and why it is being used.
In conclusion, geolocation offers an exciting opportunity for casinos to enhance their marketing efforts, leading to more targeted advertising, increased footfall, and higher revenue. By using geolocation data strategically and ethically, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and offer a more personalized experience for your customers.

Hosting Events

Hosting events creates excitement and attracts crowds. From tournaments and themed nights to celebrity appearances, make your casino the place to be. Regular events keep customers engaged, provide excellent content for social media, and can generate significant buzz.
Hosting events is a proven strategy to drive engagement and boost casino visits. These events can range from exclusive, high-profile gatherings to mass events to generate excitement on the floor. They can provide a reason for high-value customers to visit, create buzz, and attract new visitors.
Invited Events for High-Worth Customers: High-worth customers are vital to a casino’s revenue, and hosting exclusive events can deepen their loyalty. These could be high-stakes tournaments, exclusive dinners with celebrity chefs, or preview events for new games or facilities. The aim is to make these customers feel valued, encouraging them to maintain or increase their spending at your casino.
Giveaways for Mass Appeal: While high-value customers are essential, there is also significant value in events that appeal to the broader casino audience. Giveaways are a popular choice here. This could be free-play credits, complimentary meals, or even physical items like cars or vacations. Such events can create a sense of excitement and buzz on the casino floor, drawing in larger crowds and increasing play across the board.
Events Around Holidays or Key Events: Holidays and key events are another excellent opportunity for casinos. Whether it’s a New Year’s bash, a Super Bowl party, or a themed event for Halloween, these events can attract both regulars and new visitors looking for a unique way to celebrate. Special promotions, games, or entertainment can make your casino the place to be for these occasions.
Concerts and Shows: Live entertainment, such as concerts and shows, can be a massive draw for casinos. Hosting popular bands, singers, or comedians can attract fans who may also spend time on the gaming floor. This is not limited to on-property events. Partnering with third-party arenas for concerts or shows can also be beneficial. It allows you to reach a wider audience and offer ticket holders special offers or promotions to visit your casino.
Events are a vital tool in the casino marketing arsenal. They provide variety, excitement, and exclusive experiences that can set your casino apart from the competition. Whether it’s an exclusive event for high-worth customers, a mass giveaway, a holiday celebration, or a star-studded concert, hosting events can significantly boost visits and revenue for your casino.

Employee Engagement

Pay attention to your staff’s crucial role in delivering exceptional customer service. Engaged and well-trained employees ensure a smooth customer experience, from welcoming guests to dealing cards. Regular training programs, attractive incentive structures, and strong internal communication can boost employee satisfaction and performance.
**Employee Engagement**
Employee engagement is an often-overlooked aspect of casino marketing, but it is paramount. Your employees are the face of your casino, interacting with customers daily. They represent your brand and have a substantial impact on the customer experience. Therefore, they should always be at the heart of your marketing efforts.
Engaging your employees in the goals of the brand and marketing programs can create a sense of ownership and pride, resulting in better customer service and a more consistent brand experience. Here are some ways you can achieve this:
  • Communication – Regularly communicate your casino’s mission, values, and goals to your employees. When they understand what your brand stands for and what you’re trying to achieve, they will likely align their actions with these objectives.
  • Training –  Ensure that your employees are well-trained in customer service and the specifics of any marketing programs. This will empower them to deliver a high-quality experience and promote your offerings effectively.
  • Incentives – Implementing incentive programs can help drive employee engagement. For example, you could offer bonuses or rewards to employees who go above and beyond in customer service or contribute ideas to marketing campaigns.
  • Employee Events – Host special events for your employees, such as holiday parties or team-building activities. This boosts morale and strengthens the connection between employees and the casino.
  • Brand Ambassadors – Encourage your employees to be brand ambassadors. This could involve sharing casino events and promotions on their social media channels or inviting friends and family to visit the casino. Providing incentives for doing so can make this an even more attractive proposition.
  •  Feedback Mechanism – Encourage employees to provide feedback on marketing initiatives and operational processes. This can provide valuable insights and make them feel valued and involved.
Fun ideas to engage employees could include a ‘Casino Olympics’ where departments compete against each other in mock casino games, a ‘Marketing Idea Contest’ with prizes for the most innovative marketing ideas, or a ‘Day in the Life’ exchange program where employees spend a day working in a different department to gain a deeper understanding of the business.
Remember, an engaged and motivated employee is your casino’s best advocate. By making your employees an integral part of your marketing efforts, you can improve the customer experience, foster a stronger brand identity, and, ultimately, drive higher revenue.
As we navigate the dynamic field of casino marketing, staying attuned to new trends and technologies is paramount. These fresh strategies offer exciting avenues for customer engagement and revenue growth. A keen focus on excellent customer experiences underpins all successful casino marketing strategies. So, experiment with these strategies, keep a close eye on results, and continue refining your approach to stay ahead of the game.

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