Harvest Trends Brand Development

JCA developed everything that Harvest Trends needed to launch the company’s latest customer relationship management tool — PowerHost CRM. Using the tool as inspiration, JCA gave it a personality that eventually led to the name “PowerHost CRM.” From branding, sales materials for the Harvest Trends team, and communications materials intended specifically for casino player development personnel, JCA had all aspects covered. The successful branding and marketing of PowerHost CRM led to an overhaul of the Harvest Trends website; and review and recommendations for the company’s online channels such as their blog and social media.

Julia and her company were fantastic to work with when we launched a new product for Harvest Trends. From suggesting names and logos to solid recommendations for trade show presence and imaging/branding, they did some great work!

To use internet shorthand, “10/10 would hire again!”

Amy Hudson

VP of Sales & PD Consultant

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