The Ecosystem of the Modern Marketer

(March 2017) Long gone are the days when commanding the “Four Ps” of marketing” (product, promotion, place and price) guaranteed success. Today, it is the consumer who is in command. As marketers, our job continues to be listening to the consumer; and that consumer is speaking to us through a variety of channels, demanding more and more from us as table stakes.

Marketing is firmly in an era of transformation and, as marketers, we must be ready to lead the transformation for our companies. Read more about the world the modern marketer is now living in.

Embracing the PESO Model

(October 2016) Never before has there been so much marketing media yet so few people wanting to hear the messages. Under such circumstances, now is probably a good time to rethink our media efforts. Adopting the paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) strategy for modern marketing media makes sense for the gaming industry. Here’s how to get the process started.

Inbound Marketing In The Casino Industry

(September 2016) Being on the vendor side of the equation is a tough gig, and getting customers to find you is a little like finding a needle in a haystack; only you’re the needle hoping a casino desires to look for and find you. And, unfortunately, it appears that the haystack gets bigger by the day, if not the hour or minute. Read more about updating your marketing tactics.

Casino Marketers Need To Embrace Digital Platforms

(July 2016) For years the gaming industry was on the cutting edge of loyalty programs, database management and the collection of information. Yet for as forward-thinking as we were (and still are) in these areas, we made some fact-based assumptions that we unfortunately held on to for far too long. Casinos marketers have been slower than their Baby Boomer clientele to embrace digital platforms. Here’s some advice on how to get back up to speed.

Another Marketing Channel Reaches A Tipping Point

(June 2016) From changing the headliner out letter by letter to new smart media across all customer touchpoints, signage is at a tipping point, going from informational to a tool that can help your operations across multiple disciplines. Take a look at where we were and where we’re going.

Managing Your Agency Relationship

(May 2016) What does it take to get great advertising that works? The formula is simple: clear direction from a client and great creative from the agency. Sounds simple, but getting there is a little trickier than you would think. Read what it takes to build a strong relationship with your agency.

A Note From The Editor

(April 2016) At Casino Journal and BNP Media. Our audience’s demand for marketing content has been voracious and ever growing, a gap that we have attempted to fill on the print side by publishing advice columns and other articles from casino marketing thought leaders such Julia Carcamo and other. Read a note from the editor.

What If You Were Left With No New Customers?

(August 2015) What if in some sci-fi style cataclysm, we were left with no new customers? All that remains are the customers we have right this very moment. What would we say to them? How could we keep them? What would we do to get back the customers who tried us out once or twice, but chose to go elsewhere? Read how you can nurture the relationships you already have in order to keep your funnel filled.

Steal This Promotion

(July 2015) For casino marketers, promotions are one of the keys in keeping players coming through casino doors. They are designed to achieve a multitude of goals, from filling slow periods and capturing more VIP revenue to alerting customers to new casino offerings and more. “Steal This Promotion,” a Southern Gaming Summit session, focused on successful promotions that build incremental revenue. Read what the panel of experts had to say.

How To Compete As An Underdog

(July 2015) We’ve seen underdogs in many industries. Some have held on profitably in the number two spot, but some have risen to the top. Brands like Coca-Cola and Avis show us that being the underdog isn’t the worst spot to be in. When you’re the underdog in a fight, you have to be smarter and quicker. Here are five steps to being the best underdog you can be.


Why Employee Engagement is your Best Brand Tool

(May 2015) Successful marketing programs start with an engaged workforce. Read how Engaged Workers Spur Brand Success in the latest Casino Journal.


Casino Marketing and the Law

(March 2015) The large number of brand development projects I’ve managed in the past have made me at least a little knowledgeable of copyrights, trademarks & patents and their growing importance in the marketing process. That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned some expensive lessons along the way. Read more in Loyalty and Legal Matters in Casino Marketing.


Keeping Your Brand As Engaging As Possible

(March 2015) Developing and breathing life into a brand requires passion. Keeping that brand alive requires love. Much like two people promise to love each other for a lifetime, you hope customers and guests will do the same with your brand. Keeping Your Brand as Engaging as Possible is not as hard as some might think, but it does take dedication.


2015 Casino Marketing Trends

(January 2015) From increased competition coming from new jurisdictions and doing more with less resources, casino marketers will continue to face challenges to continue beating year over year revenues and experience growth. I spoke to some of the brightest minds in casino marketing and they shared their thoughts on the biggest Trends for Casino Marketers.


Quantifying Your Casino Advertising Spend

(September 2014) Historically, we have relied on our media buyers to guide us in ratings, frequency, reach and GRPs. These are all great measurements of efficiency, but what good is an efficient buy if it’s not effective? In today’s challenging gaming markets, it’s more important than ever to use all your resources to positively impact your business goals. Quantifying Casino Advertising Spend shows you how to use the power of your database to refine your media buy.


To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand A Casino

(June 2014) Are you looking at your brand and thinking you need something new? It’s not that easy to do, and it requires some questions to be asked and answered. I recently shared some of these thoughts with the readers of Casino Journal in To Rebrand Or Not To Rebrand A Casino.


Casino Brand Building 101

(April 2014) My contribution to Global Gaming Business walks casino marketers through a 101 for building their brands.


Be Careful What You Wish For

(September 2012) Agencies often wish for their clients to bring them into the fold and share everything. They want to be partners in success. They want to play a significant role in the growth of the companies they support. Read more 


How To Get The Best Work From Your Agency

(June 2012) Take the time to teach rather than directing your agency. My latest Agency Post column is about Telling Your Agency What you NEED rather than what you want.


The Battle for the Casino Customer

(May 2012) Think The Battle for the Casino Customer happens at the slots? Think again!


Know Thy Customer

(March 2012) Growing up, I remember my mom watching Vega$. It was one of her favorite shows. Robert Urich played detective Dan Tanna. He drove around Las Vegas in a red Thunderbird, making the streets safer for everyone. Coincidentally, one of his clients, the Desert Inn, would play a big role in my career. Find out how I changed my view of the casino customer.


How To Rein In The Riches Of Big Data

(February 2012) It’s no secret that brands are being deluged by what one expert refers to as “a tsunami of data.”


Talk the Talk

(February 2012)Trying to break into the casino business? This 101 glossary of terms recently published by The Agency Post may come in handy.


Empowering Employees

(October 2011) Julia Carcamo, vice president of brand marketing at Isle of Capri Casinos, realizes many managers would shy away from giving all employees the ability to offer comps. But she believes trusting employees to make good with customers directly is good for business.
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Building a Brand Around an Experience

(March 2011) When Julia Carcamo joined Isle of Capri Casinos as vice president of brand marketing in 2006, she found a company split between older riverboat gambling halls and splashy new casinos appealing to a hip demographic. Gamblers already talked about going to “The Isle,” so that was a natural brand for the newer properties. But what […] Continue Reading…


Multichannel DM Draws Aces for Wynn Hotel

Wynn Las Vegas hotel’s mailer involving a video-enhanced CD-ROM has been dealing such good hands that the gaming resort may want to tip the dealer.

The luxury resort hotel last week mailed 65,000 pieces of its 5¼-by-7½-inch brochure in the company’s latest installment of a direct campaign aimed at filling hotel suites during slower summer months. During June, the Wynn dropped 205,000 pieces in the biggest stage of the campaign.

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