Twenty years ago, there existed simple expectations for roles such as “marketing manager.” You managed a media schedule and determined what messages to push when and in which channels. As the field of marketing – and indeed the tools of the trade – continues to evolve, we must consider how to stay on top of changes — learning and adapting practically in real-time.

Today’s modern marketing manager must be part scientist, part alchemist, part social leader, part artist, part writer…AND have a sufficient level of operational intelligence. Above all, they must see the future and be prepared to meet it.

CoSchedule, a self-proclaimed “scrappy web company” is helping marketers “get it done”. The company recently identified 48 skills every marketer should have in their wheelhouse. 48!!!

The list can seem daunting, but as I’m often reminded, the best way to tackle a list like this is one step at a time.


The first thing to do is to evaluate where your team members are in terms of what and how they are doing. The following is a great list of conversation starters.

  • Are they keeping up with the latest trends and questioning how to make adjustments?
  • Do they have a good grasp of the customer – their wants, needs and unspoken desires.
  • Have they identified strategies that will achieve desired business results
  • Are they measuring and tracking their efforts?
  • How well do they understand the business goals?
  • How well are the individuals contributing to the overall strategy?
  • Can they answer these six Hubspot questions
    • What is the most important metric you’re tracking this month?
    • What are your top three priorities this month and how are they going to help you achieve your goal?
    • What is working well/not right now?
    • What have you done differently this month to drive better results? What new initiatives do you plan to try next month?
    • What do you understand to be the current, primary goals for our marketing team as a whole?
    • What do you think the marketing team should do differently to better position ourselves to meet our goals?

Have You Hired For The Skills Needed

Take time to understand the skills and acumen needed.

  • Review job descriptions for needed modifications based on your business strategy; review comparable job postings in and outside of your industry.
  • Revisit performance appraisals. Are you reviewing for what is truly needed?
  • Create a report card of skills needed and the priority for each.
  • Ask your team and others to evaluate each person by each skill.


Identify the skills that are in place, those that could be improved and those that must be improved if that person is to become an integral part of the future. Once you have a clear picture of what you need you can start to develop the training that will lead to employee growth such as in-house mentoring, formal skills training, cross-training, etc.

Consumers are getting smarter and smarter. The readily available information makes the modern marketer’s job that much more challenging. How do they stay on top of everything? How do you know you are giving them the tools and training they need to stay ahead of the curve?

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