J Carcamo and Associates Brand Developoment

More than ACTION… it’s a CONEXION

Simply put, JCABC is a proprietary methodology that carefully helps
clients achieve brand convergence from the inside out. At the core of JCABC is a sweet spot called Conexion. During this critical point in the process, our teams help identify the 4 brand persona cornerstones: Equities, Vision, Competition, and Consumer Needs. The careful construct of these four cornerstones ensure a brand that will endure the test of time. 

For new brands, built from the ground up, it’s an irreplaceable foundation for the future. For mature brands that need revitalization, it’s a forensic evaluation to realign and define an evolved reality. And for brands that have lost their way, it’s a compass, to help them find true north.

JCABC is a process. And can happen as fast or slow as it needs to depending upon client participation at various stages along the path. But in the end, know that your company will be able to proceed with the confidence that it has methodically invested its time, energy, and resources in the most critical phase of any business enterprise.

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